Research documents

about 3D plants modeling & rendering techniques :

Realistic Rendering of Forests
in real time and with realistic lighting using z-fields and shader-maps, with a seamless transition between them
Grass in Real Time
with Dynamic Lighting
Trees in Real-Time with Indirect Lighting
Indirect lighting is important within a set of leaves due to the large number of reflections and transmissions.
High-Frequency Shadows for Trees
simulation of shadows cast by leaves on other leaves instead of exact projection.
Physically Based Real-Time Translucency
with accurate subsurface scattering on the translucent side of directly lit leaves
Plastic Trees
Dynamic tree modeling technique using light distribution that allows tree models to be sculpted by their environment.
Texture-Lobes for Tree-Modelling
Method for automated translation of lidar scaned trees into small size files accurately representing scaned trees
3D Billboards
with Dynamic Lighting
Physically Guided Animation of Trees
permits realistical animation of thousands of branches with and ten thousands of leaves at GPU at practically no cost
RT Rendering & Animation of Vegetation
challenges posed by vegetation in real-time
Interactive procedural modeling of trees
on a tablet - Tree Sketch
Sketch-based parameterization
of L-Systems using Illustration-inspired construction lines
Self-organizing tree models
for image synthesis
Space colonization algorithm
for modeling of 3D trees
Leaf venation patterns
(modeling & visualization)
Procedural modeling of plants