Free software for creation of 3D plants :


Algoritmic Botany VLAB/L-STUDIO
Powerful L-System based editor
Algoritmic Botany Tree Sketch
Interactive tree painting on iPad
Ivy Genrator
Simple but powerful
opensource live project MODELS
3DMAX Script
Frecle Tree [D]
Tree editor OBJ
Abandoned since 2003
Tree editor POV Ray / OBJ
Plant Studio
Old editor of small plants

Commercial software - complete standalone applications for creation of 3D vegetation :

The Plant Factory
Speed Tree
standalone or plugin for Maya & C4D

Commercial plugin or application specific software for creation of 3D vegetation :

3DMAX plugin
Trees/Leaves/Grass Designer
Lightwave plugin
Paint Effects
Maya module
Navie Plants
C4D plugin
C4D module
Photoshop plugin
Vue Botanica
Vue module

Other commercial software for addition of 3D plants into projects:

Laubwerk Plants
Set of models for 3DSMAX or C4D
Lenne 3D
Set of models for ArcGIS
Virtual Gardening/Bonsai
Unity Tree Creator
Simplistic, for games
For VBS2 military simulations

Other software (very old - not updated, discontinued, no longer available etc...)

Forester Arboretum - Old POV Ray plant editor, very old looking interface and results

Tree Generator - Generates very simplistic unnatural looking 3D models of trees

Dryad - No longer available, very poor quality of models

Bionatics NatFX - Discontinued since march 2013

Plant Life - Outdated (works only on Windows XP32, Me, 2000, 98)

Treemagik - Creator of trees for games

Tree Druid - Seems defunct, OBJ , DXF, Carrara, Very simplistic models

Digimation Tree Factory - Made free in 2008, now discontinued


Open Alea -Large scientific project

MS Procedural trees - Microsoft libraries for generation of trees

Tree Painter - Under developement

C4D Particle Roots - Short script to generate root like structures from particles.