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No longer active project for colaborative improvement of 3D tree models. Dryad project aim was to test possibility to enable ordinary people to create high-quality 3D models of trees. Dryad was based on highly dimensional parametric design spaces containing wide quality variations. System estimated the distribution of good models in a space by tracking the modeling activity of users. These estimates drive intuitive modeling tools, creating a self-reinforcing system that becomes easier to use as more people participated.

Acording to authors of Dryad project, they succedded to colect evidence that Dryad allowed rapid creation of complex, high-quality 3D models by users with no specialized modeling skills or experience. However from what can be seen on Dryad website, models created with this tool look pretty lame. If someone has any examples of nice models made with dryad - write me an e-mail.

Frecle Tree [D]

Ivy Generator

MS Procedural Trees


Open Alea

Plant Studio


Tree Painter



Vue d'Esprit module. Allows simple modification of existing models. (Models can not be created from scratch). Botanica allows to modify 6 parameters for branches, and 4 for leaves (ex. change of branch length, radius, tropism, perturbation, angle) Botanica works with both old Vue plants and new The Plant Factory models.

Forester Arboretum

Project seems to be dead since 10 years.
Forester Arboretum aim is to create 3D trees suitable for rendering by Forester/POV-Ray. The tree generation algorithm is flexible enough to create a wide variety of tree species, from pines to oaks.
- Forester Arboretum uses recursive 'fractal' algorithm for generating basic branch skeleton.
- Control of leaf shape, distribution along branches, droopiness, shininess, etc...
- Fluting-control for altering the shape of the main tree-trunk as it enters the ground
- Use of new POV-Ray v3.5 Mesh2 object type, minimizing tree file size and POV-Ray parsing time.
- UV Texture Mapping, allowing JPEG or PNG files to be wrapped around the branches and leaves to give realistic texturing.
- Automatic creation of Forester Object Library definition, with varying Levels-Of-Detail for rendering at smaller pixel sizes.
- Plant preview in DirectX.
- Tree geometry export to OBJ and DirectX (*.X) files.


Is an advanced procedural plants modelling & animation plugin for 3DSMAX (9 to 2013).
- Metamesh ensures smooth connection between branches and trunk etc...
- Parameters may influence other parameters, which helps in animations.
- Direction modifier "Object Slice" allows to create sheared plants of any shape.
- Direction modifier "Object reaction" allows creation of vines and other climbing & trailing plants by making path react on scene objects (reflection / magnetic). This allows to create plants growing around obstacles, or filling in closed spaces.
- Instancing of geometry allows any max objects to be used for leaves, flowers, fruts etc... (even user made objects with hierarchies), and animated to show growth, opening of flowers. Objects can deform along path directions to give them unique look (ex. more or less pending leaves of different length). Custom defined distribution is also possible (ex. buds on branch top, fruits on bottom)
- Animation possible for most of parameters, so it is posible to animate plants growth, wind, shape change etc...
- Instancing system (ecosystems) controled by maps (for distribution, density, weights of plants populating terrains).

Laubwerk Plants

Is a simple C4D/3DSMAX plugin allowing very easy loading and handling of 10 tree specuies into 3D scenes.
- Simplified Open GL preview of trees ensures that hundreds trees added to the scene won't killing the GPU.
- Each model comes in 3 variations of shapes, 3 sizes, and 3 season (spring, sumer, autumn), so 36 version of one tree.
Plants can be directly changed inside the scene (without having to manualy replace the model).

It seems that Laubwerk Plants does not offer any support for wind animation. Any other customisation of tress are impossible (except what can be done by C4D with any models - ex. change leaf/trunk material)
Great piece of fostware when you just need to add nice, detailed trees into 3D scenes, and don't intend to create any special models, as this is impossible in Laubverk Plants.


Lenne 3D



Navie Plants

Paint Effects

Plant Life

Tree/Leaves/Grass Designer

Tree Druid



Unity Tree Creator

Tree Factory

Tree Generator


Virtual Gardening / Bonsai