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TreeSketch interface (iPad)

L-Studio Interface - L-System code editor

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Free scientific software package for simulation of plants growth designed by prof. Prusinkiewicz from University of Calgary. It relies on L-systems logics for plant structure definition. Plants defined by L-System code can be affected by additional environmental programs simulating various environmental factors like presence of sunlight, collisions between leaves clusters, fruits, multiple plants growing on a field, obstacles, terrain slope, water presence in soil etc... User can create his own environment impact programs. Branch structure of models made with L-Studio looks more realistic than from any other plant editor:

TreeSketch is a "younger brother" of L-Studio developed for iPad. It seems to base on principles from L-Studio, but has a user friendly interface, and alows to create trees according to a couple instructions from user. It looks quite spectacular.

Models created with TreeSketch and rendered in Lightwave

More information on University of Calgary website

PDF Self-organizing tree models for image synthesis

PDF TreeSketch: Interactive procedural modeling of trees on a tablet

VIDEO Tutorials about TreeSketch